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Ensuring You Understand the “Offset”

The U.S. Government has recently confirmed the troubling news about toxicants at Camp Lejeune, confirming what many have suspected for decades. The Camp Lejeune Justice Act applies to military personnel, their families, and civilians who were exposed to the toxic water supply for at least 30 days between Aug. 1, 1953, and Dec. 31, 1987. Exposure to the toxic water at Camp Lejeune has caused multiple forms of cancer, neurological disorders, miscarriage, and death, among other injuries. Since the passage of the PACT Act in August, mass-tort firms all over the country have been saturating the airwaves with advertising offering speedy settlements with no strings attached.

Vietnam Veterans of America and Bergmann & Moore have worked together for nearly 20 years to provide effective legal representation for veterans (at no cost) who have VA disability benefits claims pending in federal court. Since 2010,


(Washington, D.C.) — “This evening, the Senate voted and passed the Sergeant First Class Heath Robinson Honoring Our PACT Act, and while this bill is not perfect, it is the long-overdue action we have needed which will allow veterans of so many generations to receive the care and treatment for the toxic wounds of war without having to endure the mistrust and denials that the Vietnam generation of veterans were forced to endure,” said Jack McManus, National President, Vietnam Veterans of America. “Now we must ensure that the law is implemented in a quick and just manner.”

“For over 40 years, VVA has steadfastly advocated for veterans living with chronic illnesses resulting from toxic exposures during their service,” said McManus. “All veterans have earned the comprehensive relief this bill offers them. For our aging Vietnam veterans, the speedy passage of this bill is especially important, not only for the care they desperately need, but as an


(Washington, D.C.) -- “Vietnam Veterans of America commends President Joseph Biden for yesterday’s recognition of the incredible acts of heroism of four U.S. Army Vietnam veterans by upgrading their previous awards to the Medal of Honor, the nation’s highest military medal for valor and bravery,” said VVA National President Jack McManus.

“Of the 66 surviving Medal of Honor recipients today, 48 are Vietnam veterans. Our Vietnam Medal of Honor recipients represent an entire generation of Vietnam servicemembers who waited too long to receive the welcome home and the recognition they deserved,” McManus said. “And while this public acknowledgement of these heroes is long overdue, coming half a century after these soldiers left these fields of battle, it’s also vital to keep remembering all those military servicemembers who put everything on the line to defend our nation and our values.”

“The story of each of these men is truly inspirational,” McManus


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