September 23, 2016 2016-09-23 11:29:05 AM

I haven’t posted in a while. Had to see if I get any comments on it so I would know if anyone is actually looking at it. Still do not know but I will write something anyways.

We had our last meeting September. Another good meeting and great presentation on Hep C. Our turnouts have been great but would like to see more delegates attend so you can bring info to your members.

Grant has on his page dates for next year’s meetings and what you need to do. Francisco has done a great job putting together info on our future. Check out his page. I try to add new info that is important for all of you on main page and will continue with that.

Our executive BOD will be meeting again in Saratoga come December. Will be setting up speakers as this seems to work out well for meetings. I think we need to re-organize what committees are important to us and perhaps make changes. Would not hurt if some of you make suggestions. We can have any committee we wish providing someone will chair it.

Other stuff going on is we are moving forward closing NY City VARO. I wrote at length in new issue of Interchange that will be coming soon. Also want comments on this publication so Francisco can get another award.

Grant and Kaye Coates daughter is getting married. My wife and I will be going to NJ for this as I will go anywhere for free food. I’m sounding like Ted now. Speaking of Ted, his wife is still going through cancer treatments and we must keep her in our thoughts. Same goes with Sam’s wife and anyone else we know who is battling this crap.

Let’s see what else. Out of our 36 chapters 11 had been suspended for failing to file Finance and Election reports on time. 8 have come back on board with 2 remaining. I think maybe these two will be closing up. Leadership is a problem as no one wants to be a leader. It has come time in VVA that we are heading to our ending and we need to start closing chapters who are only there in name. Funny though some other states are starting new chapters but I believe those new folks are former New Yorkers moving south.

That’s all the time for now. Still would be nice to hear if anyone is looking at our website pages. I do know we have over 94000 hits since start so someone is checking.