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K         After election, a regional director shall nominate, within thirty days, an alternate, subject to ratification by a majority of the region’s state council presidents.  Upon request by a regional director and approval of the national board, the ratified alternate shall be empowered to sit as a voting member of the national board, for no more than two consecutive meetings and entitled to be heard on each matter brought before the national board.  To qualify for appointment, a nominee shall only be seated after satisfying the same qualifications as required for the regional director.


Region 1   Mike King     Region 2     Ned Foote     Region 3     Barry Rice

Region 4    Michael Bousher     Region 5     John Riling     Region 6     Michael Demske        

Region 7    Nate Washington     Region 8     Beverly Stewart     Region 9     Virgie Hibbler



A.    Appointment of Disciplinary Committees:

1.      The Regional Disciplinary Committee shall consist of ten (10) members from within the region as defined in Appendix I of the VVA Constitution, and consist of at least one member from each state within the Region. No person appointed to the National Disciplinary Committee will also serve on a Regional Disciplinary Committee. The Chair and all members will be appointed by the Regional Director with the concurrence of a majority of the State Council Presidents within the Region. Appointments will be made following the biennial National Convention and reported to the National Secretary no later than the Fall meeting of the National Board of Directors following the convention.


2.      The National Disciplinary Committee will consist of fourteen (14) members. The Chair will be appointed by the National President. Thirteen (13) VVA members shall be appointed by the Chair of the National Disciplinary Committee, with the concurrence of the National Board of Directors no later than the Fall meeting of the National Board of Directors meeting following the convention.


Region 1

Disciplinary Committee – 10 members: Norman Burns, Chair – Patricia Dumin – Gumercindo Gomez – James McConnell – David Smith – Perry Melvin – Fr. Phillip Salois – Carl Floyd – Delfo Barabani – Gerald Reed   


Region 2

Disciplinary Committee – 10 members: Grant Coates, Chair – Herb Worthington – Paul Davis – Tom Haberkorn – Ned Foote – Francisco Muñiz III – Nick Valenti – Larry Googins – Dennis Beauregard  - Scott Dieter 


Region 3

Disciplinary Committee – 10 members: Charlie Montgomery, Chair – George Dahlke – Rossie Nance – Jack Mattingly – Barry Rice – Dave Simmons – Pat Ramsey – James Blount – Rod Farley – Joseph Pehm 


Region 4

Disciplinary Committee – 10 members: Ken Rollins, Chair – Wayne Reynolds – Rex Moody – James Carter – Mike Bousher – John McGinty – Bill Martin – Craig German – Jorge Pedrosa – Chuck Odom 


Region 5

Disciplinary Committee – 10 members: Gary Estermyer, Chair – Fred Barks – Pat Bessigano – Jack Devine – Joe Jennings – Larry Mills – Steve Ratcliffe – Cliff Riley – John Riling – Maurice “Mo” Zurliene 


Region 6

Disciplinary Committee – 10 members: John Margowski, Chair – John Kost – Jack Kempler – Terry Palmer – Michael Demske – Charles Stapleton – Thomas Brown – Dan Stenvold – Roland Mayhew – Richard Lindbeck 


Region 7

Disciplinary Committee – 10 members: Richard DeLong, Chair – Kerwin Stone – JD Soileau – Jim Boyd – Horce Whetstone – Buster Newberry – Joe McIntyre – Nate Washington – Terry Courville – Richard Meers


Region 8

Disciplinary Committee – 10 members: Bob Seal, Chair – Paul Sherman – Craig Wade – John Filler – Beverly Steward – Ron Morgan – Jaycee Newman – Greg Delo Santos – Clark Silliman – Odis Warren


Region 9

Disciplinary Committee – 10 members: Tom George, Chair – Steve Mackey – Bill Garcia – Gene Crego – Bill Messer – Manny Pedraza - Lee White – Craig Dickason – Dennis Howland – Barry Schloffel



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